South Florida Couples Therapy & Counseling

Are you not feeling connected and distant from your spouse or partner? Are you fighting, often frustrated because of poor communication, not connecting, lack of time together, or lack intimacy? This can be overwhelming and frustrating when you feel you and your partner can’t agree, can’t resolve conflicts or differences of opinion. It can cause anger, fear, and pain when a person feels unappreciated or taken for granted?

Are you wondering where the passion has gone? Do you want that closeness, connection, and passion that has been lacking? Do you want to be able to communicate so you both understand each other and see eye to eye on things, or can agree on different opinions without fighting, put downs, or harsh words? What if you could feel more connected, be on the same page, talk without arguing, and rekindle your desires for one another? Call and schedule an appointment now to communicate like partners and lovers and reignite that fire and closeness in your relationship you’ve desired.

Couples Counseling Areas of Focus




Counseling Testimonials

Our experience with you was freeing. You had us talk through our issues and made it easier to fix them with great solutions. We were able to find better ways to communicate.

Maria S.

Attending therapy was excellent and relationship saving. It was a safe environment. I felt like you were always able to be on each of our sides at the same time.

John R.


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