South Florida Premarital Therapy & Counseling

You’re thinking of taking that next step to marriage? Do you want to be sure that they are the right person for you? No one should feel unsure of their partner or relationship going into marriage. Marriage can be a big decision to make. Don’t you want to clearly define what you want in a partner, relationship, and marriage? We work with couples to creatively establish corner stones for their relationship that will foster inspiration, creativity, and stability for their journey into and throughout their marriage. Call today for a consultation.

Premarital Counseling Areas of Focus




Counseling Testimonials

Our experience with you was freeing. You had us talk through our issues and made it easier to fix them with great solutions. We were able to find better ways to communicate.

Maria S.

Attending therapy was excellent and relationship saving. It was a safe environment. I felt like you were always able to be on each of our sides at the same time.

John R.


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